Strictly Miss Lisa
Miss Lisa
To love is to spank

I know you've been bad
I see what you need
The spanking will come
Your need I will feed

To be taken in hand
By someone who cares
Who won't take your lip
Nor cold hearted stares

Beause you've misbehaved
I've told you before
If you don't tow the line
Your behind will be sore

I know it's my way
That makes you obey
I never back down
I must spank you, today

So over my lap
You are taken again
When I  use the brush
I hear you crying then

But stop I cannot
Until the lessons are learned
Through heat to the seat
And a bottom that's burned

You kick you  cry
You beg and you pleed
But spank you I must
For such naughty deeds

You cry that it hurts
You swear to be good
But I will not stop
Until the time that I should

Your bottom so hot
And your tears oh so real
I'm sure this sound spanking
To you will reveal

That I love to spank
But above, most of all
Is the care that I feel for you
That makes me walk tall

For I know I am doing
This for your own good
And I'll do it again tomorrow
If I know I should

So, stay on the straight and narrow
And take this to the bank
Should you stray from the path
Your bare fanny I will spank