Total Femme Domme
I recently did a scene with a young woman, and it was amazing.  We really connected on an intense level.  She is such a beauty, inside and out, but she has some body issues.  My goal was to make her feel as desirable and beautiful, as I do. 

We sat in the dungeon, and discussed her previous experiences with BDSM.  No wonder she had image issues.  She had been with a female Domme in the past, and most of the time, she made this young woman feel truly worthless and disgusting.  Now, if that is what she had  gone to her for, that would be great, but it is not.  I am finding this to be a common issue.  Contacting a Domme for a session, not wanting humiliation, but getting it anyway.  Very sad.  I do enjoy humiliation, but ONLY when it is a client's fetish. 

We began.  I was dressed very feminine, sexy, and dominant.  Black suede mini skirt, black halter top that shows my breasts, and black suede over the knee boots.  As I sat with a glass of wine, in the candle lit dungeon, I ordered her to remover her clothing.  There was a full length mirror.  I had her look at herself and admire her full and lovely figure.  To run her hands along her body and feel her wonderfully soft skin and curves.  I stood behind her, and ran my hands along her body.  She was so deep in subspace by that point. 

I then had her lay on my spanking apparatus.  We did some impact play.  Every now and then I would tease her genitals, making her increasingly wet.  I had ordered she wear an anal plug, and every now and then, I would give it a little wiggle, just to heighten her excitement.  After she was begging to cum, I pulled out my hitachi and she had the most mind blowing orgasm.  Just as she came, I removed the plug, and it intensified her orgasm.

Here, Let Mommy Show You How ...
David had been to see me before, and he is so much fun to play with.  He loves when I am Mom, or Aunt, and he is caught masturbating.  I have a magazine that I keep on hand, for such scenarios.

The scenario was that I am Mommy, doing chores around the house, and he is my teenaged son, home from school, because he was sick, or so I thought.

I mentioned to him that I needed to walk down the street to get some more cleaning products, and reminded him to get plenty of rest while I am gone.  I came back, to find him, with the magazine, masturbating to a woman receiving anal.  I was horrified! ;)  I remained calm though, just as any good mother should in such situations.  I sat across from him, and explained to him that it really is not like it is portrayed in the magazine.  I then proceeded to tell him that his father enjoys receiving anally, and if he promises not to tell anyone, I will show him what it is really like to receive such pleasure. 

I pulled out a small toy, lubed him up nicely, and slowly inserted the toy.  We did not play into orgasm.  We stopped and discussed it.  He asked if it was ok to masturbate, because it had really excited him.  I said "of course, honey"  and I watched.  I love watching a man masturbate.  He then asked if I ever masturbate, and I said yes.  He then asked if I would like to masturbate as well.  I reminded him that no one was to know about our special time that afternoon, and he agreed with a smile on his face.

We both masturbated to orgasm, and it was wonderful!

Clothed Female Naked Male
In other words, CFNM.  I was really looking forward to this.  Two whole hours of a man being naked and me in my silk robe, enjoying some wine, and him adoring me completely, and with out question.  Ahhhhhh, I have the most wonderful life.  How I love the service I provide.  The best part is that we both get to escape life for a while, and bask in a non- judgmental environment for a while.

The fire was going nicely, but I needed more wood.  As soon as he got here, I told him to bring in some more wood, before I stripped him naked.  If I lived out in the country, I would have made him bring it in, without a stitch of clothing on.

He brought in the wood, and I made him strip in front of me, while I stood with my arms folded, enjoying the view.  I put the dog collar on his neck, and attached the leash.  After he followed my command to get on all fours, I led him to the ironing board, smacking his bottom with my crop.  All of my dinner napkins had been washed, but they needed pressing.  I told him if he did not iron them as I like them, he would have to go to the doggy play pen for punishment. 
We went back to the ironing, and he finished the task.  Now, it was time for his next chore.  All of the stainless steel appliances in the kitchen needed polishing.  I told him where the polish and rags were, put panties and an apron on him, and watched as he polished everything completely.  He did a very nice job, so I rewarded him with a flogging in the kitchen.  I led him into the living room on all fours, by the leash attached to his collar and told him to massage my feet.    I sat there very relaxed, and sipping the wine he had served me.  The oil felt so nice on my feet, that I told him to massage my bottom with it.  As he was massaging my bottom, I reached between my legs, grabbed the leash, and pulled him in to worship my bottom. 

We finished our time together by me walking him on all fours, leash in hand, and inspecting the work he had done around the house.  I punished him accordingly.

Unexpected Play
I met up with a couple of friends at a bar that we enjoy, to relax, catch up, and have a few glasses of wine.  One of them commented that his parent's place was not far from there.  They had left town for the holidays, but he had a key.  We grabbed a bottle of wine, and headed out.

Once inside, he lit the fire, and we poured the wine.  I was thinking to myself that it would be nice to do some spanking, and maybe some play.  I shared my thoughts with my friends, and Ashley said "wait, I have a bag in my car!"  She is always prepared for play :).

I looked through her bag and it was wonderful!  Butt plugs, DIY vampire gloves, suction cups for the nipples, and some implements for spanking.  I told her to strip naked, and then inserted one of the plugs.  I told her to sit in the kitchen chair, and I applied the cups to her nipples.  She was in heaven.  She loves breast play.  I then had her lean over the counter and I spanked her with my hand very hard.  I then grabbed a wooden paddle from her bag and paddled her.  Every now and then, I would increase the suction to her nipples.  I ran the vampire gloves across her tender cheeks, and told her to pull her panties up.  I then inserted the vampire gloves so they would be pressing into her cheeks for the drive home.  I told her not to remove them, until she went to bed.  She sheepishly said "yes Ma'am".

Such a good girl ...

Thanksgiving With Miss Lisa
I had invited scene friends that have become like family, and "vanilla friends"  that know about my lifestyle.

You could smell the turkey all through the house, I had a bar set up, and scented candles filled the rooms with the smells of fall.

After dinner, we had dessert, and my vanilla friends had to leave for other obligations.  Now, it was time for play, so we could burn off some of those calories.

We went up to the play room, and I lay Sierra over the bed to begin a nice long spanking.  The gentleman that had joined us for dinner, we will call him Dave, walked into the room and commented on how he has a Mother/daughter spanking fantasy.  This was perfect, because Sierra is like a daughter to me.  He kneeled on the bed in front of her, and held her hands.  He had a birds eye view of my spanking her. 

I started out with a nice firm hand spanking on her firm, bare bottom.  I then walked over to the dresser and grabbed the small wooden hair brush and continued with that.  As I was setting the brush on the bed, to start with a hand spanking again, I noticed her unzipping his pants ... As I continued with the hand spanking she proceeded to give him a blow job.  This was an unexpected surprise, but I loved it.  I love all kinky things, and this was right up my alley.  As she is sucking, I am alternating with the brush and my hand. 

As I left the room, I told them where the condoms are, and where the lube is, just in case.  I guess you can say Thanksgiving turned into Spanksgiving. :)

A Relaxing Time for Both of Us
Mario had been to see me before and he is very skilled in foot massage.  Lucky for me, he has a foot fetish.  He is trained in reflexology, so he is not afraid to go hard with the rubbing.  He is young,sweet, and absolutely adorable.  We have a great time talking while he is lavishing my feet with attention.  Last night, we had a session.  There was the sound of rain outside, Billy Holiday was playing on the radio, I had the candles lit, a glass of wine, and I was relaxed in the overstuffed chair.  It was a perfect evening.  He would lovingly caress each toe with his silken tongue, and nibble the tips. He made sure to pay attention to the tops of the feet as well, slowly licking from toe to ankle. I actually lost track of time, and we sessioned for over an hour!  He is wonderful, and I look forward to our next time together.

If You Are Going to Act Like A Child ...
I knew this was going to be a great session.  He wanted to role play that I am his sister in law, and he was coming to me for some money due to gambling losses.  He also had a diaper curiosity.

He came in, and I was very upset that my sister's husband was being so careless with their funds.  I told him I would help him out, and it would be our secret, but he needed to accept my consequences.  If he was going to act like a child, I was going to treat him like a child.  I pulled a chair from the dining room table, sat down, and ordered him to my side.  "This is ridiculous"  he said.  I told him that his behavior was ridiculous so this was tit for tat.

I began over his underpants, and then finished on the bare bottom.  I had him sit on my lap and told him that from now on, when he comes to me, I will be his mommy, and he is to call me mommy.  He said, "yes mommy".  I then said he needed to do one more thing as part of his punishment.  Because his behavior was so infantile, I was going to put a diaper on him, and make him stand in the corner to think about his behavior.  Once it was on, and he was in the corner, I relaxed with a cup of coffee, admiring the view of his diapered bottom, and his head lowered in shame.  I then said, he needed to be a good boy and wet his diaper.  If he did not do so, he would receive another hard spanking.  He did not wet his diaper, so across my lap he went, and I blistered his bottom.  And because he did not wet his diaper as directed, he was to wear the diaper home.  He got one final spanking, and I lotioned his bottom.  He got dressed under my command.  Not putting a thing on until I told him too.  I hugged him and told him his slate was now clean, but to come see me when he has been a bad boy.  We then hugged, and I sent him on his way.

Getting Hot in The Kitchen
A nice domestic spanking in the kitchen turned into a very hot scene yesterday.  He wanted a nice domestic spanking with no implements beyond a spoon.  I began with the straightback chair. He kept saying "ouch!"  and moving around.  I told him to get up, grabbed his penis, pulled him back across my lap, and spanked him very hard while holding him into place by his penis, like it was a built in handle.  I then gave him another hard spanking across my leg which was propped up on one of the steps that lead from the kitchen, to the upstairs so his feet would dangle.  It was great.  He and I have a great rapport, and have become very close over the years.  As I was washing my hands in the sink, he came up behind me to hug me, and I felt him bump my rear end with his pelvis.  This felt very nice, and I told him so.  He softly bumped his pelvis up against me again.  I pushed back, and it suddenly took a different turn.  I was in jeans, boots, and a sweater.  I shared with him that I was wearing white cotton panties, and asked if he would like to see them.  I slowly pulled my pants down, and he ran his hands under neath the sides of them, and I directed him to remove his pants.  He then was exposed, and I could feel his member rubbing up against the crotch of my panties.  We did this for a few minutes, and I had the most amazing orgasm!  I wanted him to release as well, but he was afraid of cumming on me, so I ordered him to masturbate in front of me until he came ...

A Good Cleaning
He wanted strapon, but did not get a chance to clean himself out.  This is very naughty.  I told him, if you want my cock in your ass, you must be cleaned out.  I spanked him VERY hard and told him to strip naked, and wait for me in the bathroom.  I stuck the dildo on the shower wall, and ordered him to suck it like the inconsiderate whore that he is.  While he was doing this, I prepared the enema bag.  I made it nice and hot and soapy.  If I am going to do the work for you, I want you to really feel it.  And so none of it leaks and messes up my floor, I will put a condom on a tampon, and shove it up your man pussy to keep everything in.  I could hear his muffled moans of pain and pleasure (he was still sucking the dick on the wall) as the soapy water was flowing in. 

After he expelled the soapy water, I led him to the bedroom by his pathetic little cock, and pounded him with my strapon.

There is Always Room at The Inn ...
"Brian" had been to see me a few times, and I was really looking forward to seeing him, and playing.  I sent him a text that said, we will begin as soon as the door opens.  I am the inn keeper, and you are a guest.  I catch you looking at porn on your phone, and I will punish you for it.  He quickly replied, yes Ma'am!

When he entered, I gave him a tour and showed him where his room is.  Before I opened the door to the room, I warned him that we were taking the inn in a different direction, and asked if he had read 50 Shades of Gray.  He said he had heard of it.  I opened the door and said "This is the 50 shades of pain room".  He looked nervous.  I then excused myself, and said I would be back to check on him.

I knocked lightly on the door, opened it, and found him with his pants down, masturbating to porn on his phone!  I was shocked! ;)  I then lectured him, and told him he was going to be punished for this.  I spanked him, and as I was doing so, I informed him that he was going to get a taste of what he had been looking at.  There was all kinds of strapon porn on his phone.

I directed him to the bed and said very sternly that he would now be my bed and breakfast bitch. 

I will leave the rest to your imagination ...

Complete Humiliation
As some of you may know, I have a collared sub.
One day, a client had to cancel, due to family issues, and I was disappointed, because the Domme I am mentoring (Mistress D) was going to train during this session.  My sub happened to be taking a personal day from work, so I called him and told him to come over to play.  I had some items that she was curious to try on someone.

He arrived, and was ordered to strip naked.  We both spanked him very hard, and then I laid him face down on the bed.  I tied both feet to the lower posts of the bed, and propped two pillows under his pelvis.  I then ordered him to clean Mistress D's ass, and I played with him anally.  Mistress D then turned over, grabbed a nice thick dildo, and ordered him to suck it.  We had both holes filled, calling him a whore, I was spitting on his back, and every now and then, I grabbed his head by his hair, so he could not reach her ass.  He was made to beg for more.  All the while, we were verbally reminding him what a whore he is.  I then attached the Hitachi to the dildo I was using on him, and it was very intense.

Then, I untied him, and brought out the E-Stim.  Mistress D was curious to try this.  We attached it to his penis, and his balls, and slowly brought the E-Stim to a level above his limit, let it linger, and then lowered it.  It was wonderful to watch him twitch and hear his moans of painful pleasure.

It takes some notice, but if you would like a session with me and Mistress D, together, let me know, and we will set it up.

Ass Worship, Ass Worship, and More Ass Worship :)
For a while there, other than spanking, suckling was a main fetish that people were contacting me for.  Now I am getting many requests for ass worship.  Today I had a session that was incredible, and I just have to write about it.  He has been to see me a few times, but it keeps getting better, and better.  A great guy.

The scenario was that I am the boss, and he is my assistant.  He has come to my house, because I need to discuss his performance at work, and how it has been lacking.

I took him up to the bedroom on the second floor where I do domestic sessions, and told him to sit so we may discuss a few things.  He went right into character.  It was great!  We discussed attendance, tardiness, and lack of enthusiasm in his work.  I decided I should relax a bit more, and sat on the bed.  I directed him to come massage my feet while we talked.  He eagerly did so.  I then confessed to him that I enjoy having my feet worshipped, and told him I would talk him through it.  He began by massaging, then kissing, then licking, then sucking.  Getting every inch of my long feet, and making sure to get his tongue in between each toe.  I commented on what a nice tongue he has, and that I would be using it later.  But before that, I would need to discipline him for his poor job performance, and asked if he had ever been spanked.  He said, yes. as a boy, but never as an adult.  I got off of the bed, sat in a chair, pulled down his pants, and spanked him. I then said there are other things I like to do to bottoms, and would show him later.  And speaking of bottoms, I said, I noticed you looking at mine a few times.  He confessed, and said he has a thing for the female form. Especially their bottoms.  I asked him to tell me about it, and he described what he likes to do to them.  I said this sounds like fun, so I went to the bed, and asked how he likes the woman to be, for the worship.  He said on the bed, on all fours.  After I got on the bed, he stood behind me, pulled my skirt down, and while my panties were on, he brought his face to my crack, and I could feel his warm breath.  It felt wonderful.  I grabbed his head, and pulled it in, and eventually, he pulled down the panties, and continued to worship.  I could have done this for hours ...  I then said, it was my turn.

I put him across the edge of the bed, and told him that it was my turn to play.  I lubed him up, put my strapon harness on, and had my way with him.  I then pulled out, turned him on his back, and finished the job.

I cleaned him up good with a cloth, gave him a huge hug, and was truthful in saying that this was one of the best sessions I have had in a while.

So, a new client contacts me ...
He had been to see two Pro Dommes in the area, and had requested spanking, and bondage.  Needless to say, they did not really specialize in spanking, so he went through the whole humiliation aspect of it, which really turned him off.  He did not want to get down on all fours like a dog, he wanted pure domestic discipline.  Don't get me wrong, I can do humiliation when needed, but for domestic discipline, the spanking and scolding is humiliation enough for some.
He was glad he had tried the bondage, because he had been curious, but being restrained freaked him out a little.  He is a squirmer, so, beyond the leg wrap while he is across my lap, I had to come up with something creative.

We did no role play.  I was dressed in a skirt, blouse, and sensible heels.  When he entered, I gave him a hug, a smile, and a warm greeting.  We sat and discussed his emails that he had sent me, and I assured him he would leave here with a tender bottom, and cleansed conscience.

We went up to the bedroom where I do a majority of my sessions.  It is such a relaxing and domestic area.  I sat in the straight back chair, with the necessary implements at hand, on the dresser next to it.  I then ordered him to come stand to my left, looked him in the eye and told him he was going to get a very hard spanking that would leave him thinking about me for the rest of the day.  I undid his belt, undid his pants, pulled them down (leaving his underwear on him), and pulled him across my lap.  After the first smack, he tensed up.  I reminded him to keep breathing, and to think about what brought him to me.  If he did not need/want it, he would not be here. 

After a good warm up on the underwear, I then pulled them down, and commented on the lovely red glow he had on his pale bottom, and rubbed his cheeks for a bit.  Then, I began spanking his bare bottom.  He did not lie.  He is a squirmer.  I locked him in with my leg, but he would not stop, and it was really trying my patience.  I then reached for a wooden paddle and gave him a hard smack with it.  He hated this.  He then told me that wood was evil, and his least favorite of implements.  This is where the bondage without restraints came to play.

I directed him off of my lap, and across the edge of the bed.  I told him to lay his upper body on the bed, and to keep his feet on the floor, spread apart hip width.  He was also to keep his arms straight out in front of him on the bed.  If at any point, he moved from this position, he would get the wooden paddle VERY hard.  "Yes Ma'am"  he whimpered.  I commenced with the hand spanking, and he did pretty well at first, but he slipped, and began to move his arms.  As promised, I picked up the paddle, and spanked him hard and quick with it.  He quickly moved back into position, and I finished the hand spanking.

I then commented on how well he did, other than the one mess up, and told him he could request what I used next.  He said he would like the belt.  This made me very happy.  I love using the belt!  I belted him for a good bit, rubbed lotion on his bottom, we hugged, and we sat and discussed the session.  He said he really liked how I was able to take control, and keep him in position.   After a bit more discussion, he was on his way, and said he would see me again soon.

Another wonderful session :).

Friday, August 14th, 2015
Purely Domestic Discipline

He contacted me, saying this would be his first spanking in his life.  He had not even been spanked as a child, though he deserved it, and always wondered if it would have effected how he is as an adult. 

I hear this alot, so I knew just how to handle him when he showed up at my door today.

Not only did he need firm discipline, but, he also needed a good mouth soaping, due to his filthy language.  This is actually one of my big no no's.  I do not believe in foul language.  It has become way too common.

I was in my floral dress, and flat black shoes.  Implements laid out on the dresser in the bedroom, and a straightback chair in the family room.  The bar of soap is on the sink in the bathroom, so as not to make a mess in the living areas.

When he got here, we sat and talked for a few minutes, because he was very nervous, and I needed him to relax, so he could take what was coming to him.

Then, we began.  I stood up, walked over to him, and said, "young man, what do you have to say for yourself, and your filthy, filthy mouth?"  His face completely changed, and I could see the little boy coming out.  This is one of my favorite things.  The transformation from man, to boy, with just a look, a word, or a gesture.

I told him to stand and remove his shoes, pants, and underwear.  He fumbled a bit, but did as I commanded.  I then grabbed his ear, and led him to the straightback chair in the middle of the room.  In one motion, I sat down, and pulled him across my lap.  Before beginning, I reminded him to breathe.  Full force, I reddened his bare bottom with my hand.  He immediately began howling, kicking, and pleading that he will be better.  I told him, that is what every boy across my lap says, and they are mere words.  Actions are stronger than words, and we will see if his behavior changes after his butt is so sore that he can not sit.

I then stopped, and told him to go upstairs to the bedroom, and remove the rest of his clothing.  I would soon follow.  "Yes ma'am."  He quickly said, and headed up the stairs.

When I got to the bedroom, I leaned him over the edge of the bed, and used the Miss Lisa paddle on him.  He kept sliding down, and I warned him that if he did not stay still, I would use the large bath brush on him.  That did the trick.  When his skin on his bottom began to turn white, I stopped, and applied some lotion.  I did not want to break his skin, because we were not done yet with his punishment.  I told him we needed to take a break for a few minutes, and told him to go to the bathroom and wait for me there, in front of the sink.  He did as asked.  I waited for a minute or two, because I wanted to leave him staring at the bar of soap on the sink, so he would dread the mouth soaping even more.

I went into the bathroom, and scolded him for his filthy language, and told him to open his mouth nice and wide.  I put the soap in, and stood there looking him in the eye.  I asked him how he would feel if someone used such language in front of his mother, or his sister, or his aunt?  As he attempted to answer, the drool came pouring out of his mouth, which is a good thing, because this made him taste the soap even more.  I told him to bite down on the bar of soap, just as he needs to bite down on his tongue whenever he is tempted to use such language.  This would get some of the soap stuck in his teeth, so he could taste it when across my lap for the hair brush.

After I removed the bar of soap, I allowed him to spit in the sink, but not to rinse his mouth out.  I took him back into the bedroom by the arm, and put him across my lap for a rapid hairbrushing.  He begged and pleaded, saying that he will be good.  I told him I wanted to make sure he would, and told him to get up.  I then laid him across the arm of the wingback chair, and used the belt on him.  This left some lovely marks, that will remind him of me, for a day or two.  When done with the belt, I told him to get up, and I put him back across my lap for the final spanking, with my hand.  As I am spanking him, I am reminding him of his behavior and that he needs to think, before acting. 

When done, I applied some lotion to his very hot, tender, and bruised bottom.  He stood up, I hugged him, and told him he could get dressed.  I gave him a bottle of water, and told him to sit so we could talk a bit.  I made sure he was calm, and instructed him to check in with me this evening, to let me know how he is.

Thursday, August 13th, 2015

Suckling Session

A client I have not seen in a while contacted me, asking if I entertain the suckling fetish.  I told him I have never had a request for that, but I will try almost anything once.  Who knows, I may even love it, right?

This morning, he got here, we hugged, and we did some catching up on how he has been, and what is new.  Then, we went upstairs to the domestic area, and he loved it.  I did not have it last time he was here.  We sat down, and I proceeded to explain how the flow of the session would go, so he would be prepared.  We would be doing Mommy/son roleplay, and it would get fairly taboo, and I wanted to make sure he was comfortable with it.  He was a bundle of nervousness, excitement, and sweetness, all rolled into one.  Of course I did not give every tiny detail.  I like to leave something  to the imagination.  Plus, he has been here a few times, so, I am familiar with his limits.

I started by laying him across my lap, bare bottomed, for a nice little spanking.  As I am spanking him, we are still talking, and having a nice time.  I then tell him, "in a minute, we will begin our roleplay, and I just want you to go with it."  He understood this, and after a few more smacks, we began our scene.

I scolded William for playing too much in the construction area, because he could get hurt, and it causes him to get muddy, and track it through the house.  He got a good hand spanking followed by the paddle.  I then told him I was tired from being on my feet all day, and he needed to take care of Mommy's feet.  He slid off of my lap, and removed my shoes from my bare feet.  I could hear him say "oh Mommy, you have such beautiful feet, may I rub them for you?"  While he was tending to my feet, I asked him if it got him excited.  When he answered yes, I told him that his love for my feet was a fetish.  I then explained to him, that Mommy has a fetish too.  I missed nursing him, like when he was a baby.  "Oh yes Mommy, I miss that too"  he said with excitement.  He then began talking about how he missed when I would change his diaper, and powder his bottom, so I instructed him to lay on the bed, so I could put a diaper on him.  We were both loving this!

I then, got on the bed, and got into the nursing position, just like when I was a new mother.  Pillows propping my back straight, and one across my lap for baby.  He lay on his side with his head on the pillow, and I said "go ahead baby, and drink Mommy's milk."  He began suckling, and it was very nice.  After finishing on one breast, he moved to the next, very gently.  It was a tender, and intense moment.  We discussed how I should have never stopped nursing him.  When he was finished on the other breast, I told him we were going to play a special game.  We were going to play doctor, and I was going to be the butt Doctor.  He was very happy!  Warm tingly bottom from a spanking, diaper on, and getting to suckle on Mommy's breast.  Now a game of Doctor!

I had him lay across the edge of the bed, pulled his diaper down, he was ready for the Doctor to give him a proper check up.  I put on the rubber gloves and proceeded to tell him I was going to check him internally.  I warned him that the lube would be a bit cold, but it soon warmed up.  I then inserted a finger and checked him by sliding it in, and out slowly.  He took that so well, I decided two were as good as one, and they were ;).  He enjoyed it very much, the whole time staying in his "boy" mode, and talking about how glad he was that Mommyhad sent him to the "special" Doctor.  I was done with the inspection, so I decided he should have a spanking to remind him to behave.  With my rubber gloves still on, I spanked him very hard, and very long.

We hugged, and broke character.  We then talked for a good bit about how much fun we had together, and a bit about life, in general.  I can't wait for him to come back, so we can do it again!

Tuesday, August 12th, 2015

Sissy Session

I adore the rare treat of a sissy session.  I love making myself as feminine as possible, and picking out the undergarments for the gentleman to put on, to transform him into the  object of his fantasies, and to become my play thing.  As he feels the silkiness of the stockings against his skin, the hug of the girdle, the snugness of the bra on his chest, and the tightness of the garter belt around his waist, I love the transformation that comes across his face, the sheer ecstacy in his eyes.  And when I apply the lip gloss to his girly lips, and the blush to his cheeks, the happiness that it gives him is beyond compare. 

After dressing Jill (his chosen sissy name), I directed her across my lap, so I could smack her bottom with my bare hand across the girdle, and then I pulled it up into the split of her cheeks, and made her bottom nice and pink with some nice hard smacks.  The whole time, Jill is squirming, but I can hear moans coming from her glossed mouth, that was so ready to suck my strapon.  But all good things come to someone that takes a nice hard spanking first.

I then ordered Jill to kneel by my feet, and remove my heels.  She removed them gently, and carresed my feet.  I then ordered her to kiss them.  She eagerly complied.

Since Jill is a nipple whore, I directed her to lay on her back, on the bed.  I began by playfully tugging at her nipples, and she loved it.  I asked if she had ever had the violet wand used on her, and she said "what is that?"  A big smile came across my face and I told her she was going to find out what it is.  I ran my tongue across her nipples, and gave them a quick bite, just to build her anticipation.  With the first zap of the wand, she was hooked.  I am surprised she did not ruin her panties from the ecstacy it stirred up in her.  The more I increased the level of intensity with the wand, the further in ecstacy she went.  After playing with the wand, I then put clothespins on her slutty nipples and ordered here to stand at the side of the bend and lean over.  I then placed a very long dildo under her face and told her to show me how good she claimed to be at sucking a cock.  She gladly complied, and as I was admiring the traces of lip gloss on the dildo, her drool was running down it, showing her eagerness to suck it long and hard.  This pleased me very much.

I then had her spread her legs so I could see her little man pussy.  Then, I turned the violet wand back on :).  I ran it from the top of her crack down to her boy parts.  All the time, she is sucking the dildo faster and deeper.  This told me she loved it!  Then, I focused the wand on her little man pussy, and her hips began to gyrate.  This was a sign that she was ready to feel my cock.  I ordered her to stop sucking the dildo like a slut, put on the strapon, and ordered her to kneel facing me, as I stood over her, with my fat cock ready for her to suck. I told her if she sucked it well, she would get the reward of feeling it in her man pussy.  She eagerly went to work, and it pleased me, so I bent her over the bed, and took her long and hard with it, until she messed her panties ...

Friday, August 7th. 2015

Today was a fairly quiet day.  No sessions scheduled.  I usually try and schedule for during the week, because things tend to be a bit crazy at home on the weekends.  People coming in, and out.  Random spankings going on with friends in the lifestyle.  Especially young ladies.  I am so glad they feel safe, and at home here.  We have developed such a special bond.

My weekend began by attending the French Impressionist Exhibit at the Philadelphia Art Museum, and it was absolutely wonderful.  My husband's baby girl Angie went with me.  It was nice to have some time, just me and her.

We walked the whole museum, and spent much of the time talking, and getting to know one another a bit more.  The whole time, I am paying close attention to her behavior, to keeping track of spankable offenses while we were out and about.  Though highly intelligent, she is a very silly, and naughty girl!

We got home from our outing, and Angie looked exhaused.  I asked her if she would like to take a nap, and she said "no thank you, I think I will grab a bite of lunch.  Can I get you anything?"  I said no thank you, and she was out the door.  I made a cup of coffee, and began to check my emails while she was gone. 

When she got back, she ate quietly, so I could do what I needed to get done and all of the sudden, she had MUCH energy.  I was trying to focus on answering emails from clients, and she kept bouncing around and talking.  I had to do something about this.

"There is one sure way to calm you down, young lady"  I stated, while looking her in the eye.  Immediately, Angie's  expression changed, and she looked down to the floor.  I pulled out the straight back chair, sat down, and directed her to come stand beside me while patting my lap with my hand.

"But, but, I am just happy and excited from our fun day!"  Angie exclaimed.  "You aren't really going to spank me, are you?" She said in a meek voice.   I replied with, "Oh yes, I am.  And your daddy is going to listen as I do just that."

My husband had to travel to New York that morning on business, but he was on his way home.  I dialed the phone, and he answered.  I said to him "Someone has a bit too much energy.  She is way too wound up, and could probably use a nap."  The only way to get Angie to take a nap, is to give her a sound spanking, before sending her to bed.  He giggled and said, "Is that so?"

I pulled down her shorts, and then her cotton panties, and she lay across my lap, after I gave her a stern look. After the first couple of smacks, Angie exclaimed "That's not fair, I was just excited, I wasn't hurting anyone!"  Her feet kicking, and her bottom turning pink, I said to her "You need to take a nap so you are not too tired when your daddy gets home!" 

I had the phone set on speaker, so my husband could hear the spanking clearly, and I could hear him say "My goodness, such a naughty girl.  Miss Lisa is having to give you a spanking for disrupting her.  I guess I will have to give you one when I get home."  Angie whimpered at the thought of her daddy spanking her already tender bottom.

I spanked her for a few more minutes, and then told her she could get up.  "May I pull up my panties?"  She asked bashfully.  I told her "No, you go up to bed, with your panties down, so I can look at your red bottom as you head up the stairs."  I stood up, gave her a hug, and told her to sleep well.  She walked away, head down, and cheeks glowing.

You can just imagine what happened when her daddy got home ...
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